The Sign and causes of Common Skin Problem

Dark Spots

Area Cause
1 Symbolized by gynecological coldness. Poor blood circulation in the lower abdomen and putrefaction (food waste hoarding in the gut).
2 The stomach and guts are weak and there is putrefaction accumulated.
3 Constipation. The large intestine is not functioning well and putrefaction is easy to accumulate.
4 Symbolized by gynecological coldness, putrefaction accumulated
5/6 The gonads and the adrenal glands are dysfunctional, and they are easy to be nervous and divine.
7/8 Irregular menstruation.
9/10 Self-sacral nerve disorders, liver failure.
11/12 Liver and biliary dysfunction.
13/14 Anemia.
15/16 Liver function weakness, low back pain, constipation.

Apply Pearl Defense Light to prevent sunlight damage. In conjunction cleansing with Enzymes crystal bar soap and the use of CHANGE, nano pearl powder series can slow down melanin production. Enhance skin repair and restoration with Guasha and moxibustion treatment.