Moxibustion Precautions

Moxibustion Precautions
  1. The burned moxa ash must be thrown into a flame-retardant box or water, not into the trash to avoid fire
  2. Do not conduct Moxibustion while on an empty stomach or within an hour after a meal
  3. Avoid moxibustion at noon (11am-1pm) and midnight (11pm-1am)
  4. Drink a glass of warm water before and after moxibustion
  5. Do not take a bath within an hour after moxibustion and do not situate yourself directly in front of an air-conditioner or fan
  6. People who are prone to headaches, swelling and stasis, should start moxibustion at acupoints on the lower part of the body such as MingMen, ShenJue, QiHai, GuanYuan, ZuSanLi, SanYinJiao, YongQuan…
  7. The duration of moxibustion should be gradually increased, average timing should be about 15 minutes per acupoint
  8. Avoid moxibustion whenyou are feeling/having: extreme fatigue, hunger, too full, drunken, hot, high fever, extreme weakness, and emotional instability
  9. Careful moxibustion on exposed parts, such as the face, neck, etc., to prevent scars from affecting the appearance.