Lip Color

How To Use

CHANGE Lip color Series is a blend of natural ingredients which effectively brightens and lightens dull, discolored lips and restores lips to a moist, rosy health and left no strain on glass! Continuous usage will give you full, soft and youthful looking lips with defined lip contour, diminised lip lines and enhanced lip tone. 

Lip Color Stick
Main Functions and Ingredients
  • Evolves into a Pinkish Tint
  • No Color Strain
  • Moisture
  • Use on Lips
  • Use on Cheeks
Ingredients :

Armina acid, Tyaluronic acid, Rose extract, Impatient extract, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Bee wax.

For Lips
  • Apply a ;ayer of Lip Color Stick on lips, wait for color to change in appproximately 3 minutes.
  • You may repeat the above step to achieve qa deeper color.
  • Touch up after meal as and when need. Alternatively, you may use Mint Lip Balm for a more natural look.
  • You may use it in conjunction with other lip products of you like.
  • Apply Lip Color Stick twice daily to get a health supple lip.
Special Notes:

Lip color Stick and Mint Lip Balm will become softer when the surrounding temperature is high, when it happens, please store it in the fridge to return it to solid state.