Cooling Rice Pastilles

How To Use

米(mi)Cooling Rice Pastilles or Bedak Sejuk is a type of cooling powder. This fermented-rice based skincare is widely used and adored by Eastern Asian women, and produced using traditional methods passed on from generation to generation.

Main Functions:
  • Provides COOLING effect.
  • Oil-Control ~ Helps reduce oily appearance on the face.
  • UV protection ~ Protection of skin against harmful UV rays.
  • Exfoliating properties ~ Removes dead skin and dissolves pure clogging
    impurities to keep the skin fresh & clean.
  • Increase Collagen production ~ increases collagen production to boost
    suppleness of the skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties ~ Soothes sunburn, reduces acne and promotes
    skin repair. Rash-free. Great for chicken pox treatment.
  • Natural skin lightener ~ brightens skin naturally

Ingredients : 100% fermented rice paste.

Type :
  1. 30 days (30 days offermentattion) 
  2. 365 days (365 days of fermentattion) 
  3. Organic 365 days (365 days of fermentattion using Basmathi Organic Rice) 

Direction of Use

For Face

After normal skin care routine, place1 pastille in palm, mix with minimal toner into a light texture. Gently tap on face and neck (especially T-zone). Leave to dry. Dust off powder remains with hands or a clean face brush.