Breath the right way

Breath the right way

Skill Levels

Level I: Fundamental

Efficacy: Improve insomnia, anxiety, emotional instability.

Practice: neck back straight eyes closed Put your attention on your breath to ensure that your breathing is correct Operate at least 5 minutes each time

Level II: Reversal

Efficacy: Increase lungs to improve health.

Practice: From the beginning of the breath, it will stay in Dantian exhale – inhale – exhale – inhale – the rhythm of inhale Operate at least 5 minutes each time

Level III: Professional

Efficacy: Improve high blood pressure, cold hands and feet, gastric gas, Nervous and self-discipline neurons, there are also qi’s effects.

Practice: The tip of the tongue arrived at the upper jaw Take the mouth with your mouth When the mouth is inhaled by nose, the inner heart is 4 Virtual, count to 7 Then by the mouth, the inner heart to 8 This cycle is continuously 4 times for a group, and multiple groups can be made each time.