Guasha Precautions & Contraindications

Guasha Precautions
  1. Pick a high-quality lubricant
  2. Do not operate on an empty stomach or when you are full
  3. Drink a cup of warm water before and after the therapy
  4. Sterilize tools before use, wash tools after use
  5. Work in a well ventilated space. Install air purifier if working in an air-conditioned room.
  6. Avoid performing Guasha close to a ventilation or air conditioning outlet
  7. Do not perform Guasha across a large skin area for a prolonged period time to protect the Qi
  8. After Sha surfaces, limit scraping to 25 times and below. Keep the Guasha duration within 45 minutes each time
  9. Do not scrape directly on diseased skin or mass, if it is a lesion, scrape around it
  10. When the blockage is severe and causing great pain, scrape other regions (it is better to follow the meridians to dredge them, then scrape the painful region.
  11. After scraping, sweat pores will be expanded. Do not take a shower within 2 hours; it is OK to Guasha while showering.
  12. Sha is observed when a certain amount of capillary bleeding is reabsorbed by surrounding tissues. This process enhances the immune system. Generally, Sha will retreat in about 3 to 5 to 10 days. You must wait for the Sha to recede before you can perform Guasha again (Perform moxibustion/ Apply hot compress / Apply essential oils to accelerate tissue repair)
  13. Generally, it will be painful 2 to 3 days after scraping (normal). After scraping, drink water to supplement the body with fluid and promote metabolism.
  14. If the Guasha site is incorrect or the technique is improper, there will be no side effects, so you can operate with peace of mind.