Heathcare Concept

It is time to take charge of your health

It has always been our ideal (a couple of Virgo and Libra lifemates) to do what we like and have meaning.

The pursuit of health and beauty is our natural hobby and persistence. We set foot on the road to health 20 years ago and we will never regret it. Looking back on the past the days of infirmity, pain, taking medicine to this day, the body is ease.

Being vegan, walking, stretching, guasha and moxibustion are the habits integrated into our daily life given us the most fruitful returns in healthy living.

We believe that out of ten points to rate one’s life achievement three points were derived it’s meant to be while seven points depend on hard work. We are willing to do our best to manage our health and do not add chaos to the family and society.

This is a channel for us to promote health and autonomy
We will be sharing effective healthcare tools and products that we love to use through our brand


We are glad that you can join us on our journey to health.
We believe that
“The more ploughing and weeding, the better the crop”
Last but not least, we wish you and your family well. Let’s continue to work hard for a better self and a better earth!

The Two Major Orriental Style Health Autonomy Project Intangible Cultural Heritage of China

1. BianStone Therapy


2. Moxibustion Therapy


4 Steps To Healthy Autonomy

1. To Dredge

1.Blockage of the meridians will affect the circulation of Qi and blood,which will lead to diseases. If the meridian flow is blocked, the human body will send out the following signals: soreness, pain, numbness, blockage, tendons, cold limbs, unnormal body temperature and sweating, feeling dry, large clogged pores etc.

“Follow the way of nature, regulate Yin and Yang,
adjust its rigidity and softness ”
The art of staying healthy
is like growing a sapling.
To grow well,
it needs to be carefully nurtured.
Therefore maintaining your health
can never be a quick fix solution.
Only through habit formation
and persistence
can you achieve better health.

Jonas Chia
Feb 2021